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what happens after the first date?

So, the first date is over and done with, what next? The question of what next can only be answered if you are a fortune teller of sorts, or you just know every bit of sociology worth knowing about adult dating.

The next stage in adult dating is always the hardest one to determine

The rule of thumb in dating is never to rush things. Let there be a flow which takes you along. Take it easy and always initiate communication first. If your date seemed like they were less likely to respond, forget all about it and move on. However, if your meeting seemed positive and you think there is more to come, call that number and ask them out again. Maybe this time the setting can be more casual or more intimate depending on what you need.

Ask yourself what you want first. This is another important rule. If you think that you can handle a second date, here are a few things to bear in mind.

- Spare cash: If you both think alike, there will most likely be a fun filled thrilling evening you both want. Although our world today is all about debit cards and other things, you should keep cash handy for those parking and taxi meters and tipping waiters etc.

- A positive attitude: If you are armed with this all through the date, you will have done a good deal of the hard work. So come armed with a positive attitude and hopefully the rest should go well.

- Interesting conversation: If you go into the date determined to have interesting conversation, that’s exactly what won’t happen. You need to relax. If you relax and enjoy yourself, conversation will flow naturally as a consequence.

- Do not talk only about yourself. You should talk about yourself, but do not overdo it. Also, you need to have interesting pieces of information, but you don’t want to recite facts like a bore. Be lively, not drab. Meeting someone on an adult dating site is about scoring with a person’s heart, not scoring ten points in a round of a pub quiz.

More than all these things, you have to bear in mind in that you do not become an egotist. If you want to go about telling your date that you are God’s greatest gift to humanity, you should not call it a date any more. Calling it self-gratification would be more accurate, as dating is not about a single individual.

Most of all, always keep your mobile phone switched off. You cannot go yammering on that phone or spend time reading text messages from friends and expect to get any luckier with your date. Like it has been stated before, online dating is not about an individual. It is about two people finding comfort in each other and concurring in their needs in terms of a partner. If you show some respect for your date, it will go a long way.